Honeycomb Card Tub Liners FREE U.K. Delivery


New Honeycomb Tub Liners. Cut to the exact size of each tub option. Brilliant for keeping your tubs clean, perfect for new additions in quarantine. Available in different size options for Vision tubs, Braplast and RUBs (Really Useful Boxes). Each option comes in a pack of 500 or 1000 sheets (1 sheet needed per tub). With FREE UK DELIVERY!

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I am very excited to Launch another New Substrate option! These Honeycomb Cardboard Tub Liners are brilliant for keeping your tubs clean, they are cut to the exact size of each tub type listed including Vision tubs, Braplast and RUBs (Really Useful Boxes). They are also a great idea for using with new additions in quarantine making it easy to see any potential health problems.

Each Honeycomb tub liner option comes in a Pack of 500 or 1000 liners with FREE DPD delivery included. If other products are ordered alongside, the normal shipping amount for those products will be applied to those only.


Braplast 1.3L x500, Braplast 1.3L x1000, Braplast 3L x500, Braplast 3L x1000, RUB 4/9L x500, RUB 4/9L x1000, RUB 5L x500, RUB 5L x1000, RUB 12L x500, RUB 12L x1000, RUB 24.5L x500, RUB 24.5L x1000, RUB 33/50L x500, RUB 33/50L x1000, Vision V15 x500, Vision V15 x1000, Vision V18 x500, Vision V18 x1000, Vision V35 x500, Vision V35 x1000, Vision V70 x500, Vision V70 x1000