30+ Hours Heat Packs


30+ Hour Heat Packs, ideal for shipping or collecting animals. Visits to the vets to keep warm in transit and for emergency situations such as power cuts!

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These heat packs are ideal for when shipping your reptiles, going to collect your new addition or for an unexpected vets visit. These packs will keep you precious reptiles warm enough for 30 Hours whilst in transit.

These heat packs are also ideal in cases of emergencies such as power cuts. Keeping a few of these in your reptile room is ideal. In the event of a power cut you can tape one of these to a wall or roof of your enclosure, ensuring your animals never get cold.

They are designed for reliable and steady heat release for 30+ hours. They are simple to use and deliver optimal results with a colour indicator on the warmer. They provide an average surface temperature of 100 degrees Farenhite (38 Celcius) this will provide ample ambient temps.

Directions for use are given on the back of the packet. These are so easy and activiate as soon as the packaging is opened and the warmer is exposed to air. Do not put in direct contact with the animal, instructions on packaging.

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 20 mm