Frequently Asked Questions

All of my available Ball Pythons are advertised on my Morphmarket Store, you can visit my store by clicking the Available button at the top of the screen, this will take you directly to my MorphMarket Store.

Once you have found the Ball Python/s that you are interested in you can message me on either Morphmarket, Social Media or via the website for more information or to make a purchase. Once the purchase has been agreed I will then send you an invoice containing my payment details. This invoice also serves as your proof of genetics.

You must be 18 to make the purchase. If you are under 18 a parent or guardian would need to contact and make the purchase.

Where possible collection is always preferred so we can meet in person, collection is from Batley, West Yorkshire. However where this is not possible I can organise Courier Service within Mainland U.K. The courier fee within the U.K. from the very bottom of the country up to Newcastle is £45.

Courier from Newcastle up to the Central Belt of Scotland is £65.

Delivery above the central belt of Scotland is available for a higher fee which is dependent on location, for example delivery to Aberdeen is £120.

Upon enquiry I can provide you with the exact amount. This courier fee covers you for up to 5 snakes to be delivered.

I use the Ridgeway Courier Service exclusively to ship my snakes. Please note some of the prices quoted are discounted rates I offer to my customers.

The rates are higher if you book directly through Ridgeway.

Once your ball python has been paid for in full, including the courier fee, I would then book the snake onto the couriers next soonest delivery run.

Approximately 5 days before the start date of this run the courier will contact you directly, via text message, with your exact delivery date and time slot. You are unable to change the date and time slot you are provided with as the runs are planned as efficiently as possible to reduce every animals time spent on board as much as possible.

If you are not home when your snake is delivered and you are uncontactable the courier will move onto their next address and the snake will be held in their facility until you make contact to book the snake onto their next run, for which you will have to pay the courier fee again.

This is not ideal and not what I want for my animals as the frequent moves will cause unnecessary stress to the Ball Python so either you or someone on your behalf needs to be there to take in the delivery. You can contact Ridgeway Courier via their Facebook Page for their terms and conditions and full details of the service they provide.

The most common cause of Ball Pythons not eating in most of the cases I come across is due to the set ups not being right for a Ball Python or the temperatures not being correct. Check out Feeding Ball Pythons care sheets on the website. If after reading the care sheets you are still struggling, please feel free to contact me explaining the issues you are experiencing, and I will try to offer advice.

Some Ball Pythons, however, can be tricky feeders, this is not usually something you could experience until a Ball Python reaches maturity, at which point they can begin to ‘fast’. Ball Pythons can fast from anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months or even longer in some cases. It is important to monitor the weight of your Ball Python during any fasting as they should not lose any significant amount of weight. If you Ball Python has or is losing a lot of weight, I would recommend seeking veterinary advice.

I offer interest free payment plans on any snake with a value greater that £150. Ball Pythons under the value of £150 I ask for a 25% (or £25 whichever value is greater) non refundable deposit, with the remaining balance being paid in full within 4 weeks.

Payment plans also require a 25% non refundable deposit to hold the snake. The remaining balance can then be spread over weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. The length of the plan depends on the value of the snake.

You must keep to the payment plan agreement and keep up to the agreed payments. Once the plan has been paid in full I will then book the snake onto the Couriers next soonest delivery run or we can arrange collection where this is possible.

You can read more about payment plans and what happens if agreed payments are not made in our terms and conditions.

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