12 Litre Ball Python Starter Set Up Kit


We are very excited to have launched this NEW Ball Python Starter Set Up Kit! This has been specifically designed for Ball Pythons!

12 Litre Starter set up with Divider making this set up suitable for Hatchling Ball Pythons up to around approximately 800-900g. Simply use the Divider until the hatchling reaches the appropriate size for the divider to be removed.


We are very excited to have launched this Amazing New Starter set up, designed specifically for Ball Pythons! This is currently only available within the UK, however if you live elsewhere in the world please contact us and we will get a shipping quote for you!

This 12 Litre Starter Set up is suitable for Hatchling Ball Pythons up to approx 800/900g making this great for at least the first year of the Ball Pythons life! (approximately).

The set up comes with a Divider making it suitable for Hatchling Ball Pythons, simply use the Divider until the Hatchling reaches the appropriate size (approx 350/400g) then remove the Divider to double the Ball Pythons floor space!

The Divider also acts as a perfect Hide Box for the young Ball Python.

This Set Up Kit includes:

x1 12 Litre Really Useful Box (RUB); x1 RUB Housing Unit; x1 12 Litre RUB Divider; x1 Heatmat which is preinstalled into the unit; x1 Habistat Mat Thermostat; x1 Probe Tape; x1 Water Bowl; Comprehensive and easy to follow instructions, and a Free Sticker Set!

These Set Up Kits are also designed to be Stackable! Should you get more than 1 Ball Python you can securely sit another Set Up on top.

Additional items you will need:

We strongly advise using an Infrared Temperature Gun for setting and monitoring temperatures in this set up and in any set up you use. A Thermostat dial does not indicate the temperatures inside the set up, a thermostat will just control the set temperature so it does not go above or below desired temps once achieved. You can find Infrared thermometer guns on eBay for around £10.

When your Ball Python is ready to have the Divider removed from the set up you may need a Medium hide box.

We also recommend our 12 inch or 14 inch Feeding Tweezers for feeding your Ball Python. These are an appropriate size for feeding Hatchling and growing on Ball Pythons.


These Set ups are provided with FREE Delivery within the UK only. They are dispatched directly from our manufacturer with guaranteed 48 hour delivery (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays). As the set ups are dispatched directly from the manufacturer any additional products purchased will arrive separately and normal postage costs apply on these additional items only.

Additional Information:

If considering one of these set ups for other species of snake please note that they have a 2mm air gap at the top of the RUB for ventilation.

Product Dimensions:

Full set up (excluding thermostat) external dimensions: Length 465mm x Width 292mm x Height 182mm (including stacking lugs).

12 Litre RUB internal dimensions: Length 415mm x Width 235mm x Height 140mm

For information on how to care for your Ball Python, what your temperatures should be, what to do when your Ball Python goes into shed along with many other topics please head to the care sheet section of the website.


12 months guarantee is provided by the manufacturer on the set up. This excludes accidental or deliberate damage or misuse. The thermostat is covered under Habistats 5 Year guarantee.