Plastic Water Bowls

from £2.25

New Plastic Water Bowls made from strong, durable plastic. Long-lasting and easy to clean! Available in 3 size options and 3 colour options!

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We are very excited to Launch our New Water Bowls made from thick, durable Plastic making them long lasting and easy to clean.

These Water Bowls are currently available in 3 sizes; mini, small, medium, and 3 Colours; Pink, Blue and Black.

Water Bowl Dimensions:

Mini: 65mm x 24mm

Small: 88mm x 32mm

Medium: 130mm x 43mm

Ball Python approximate size guide:

Mini Water Bowls: Best for hatchlings up to around 150g

Small Water Bowls: Best for young Ball Pythons 150g-500g approx

Medium Water Bowls: Best for Sub Adult Ball Pythons 500g-1500g approx

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