18.5 Inch Hologram Feeding Tongs (Hemostats)


NEW LABP Hologram Feeding Tongs! Out by popular demand since the release of the Ridgeway Hologram Feeding Tweezers! Keep safely out of the Strike Zone with these long 18.5″(47.5cm) Feeding Tongs! These are also available in a range of 4 other colours (see other products). They are ideal for feeding all species of Reptile and doing so in Style!


Stunning 18.5 inch (47.5cm) Feeding Tongs!

These have been brought out due to popular demand after the launch of the Ridgeway 12 inch Feeding Tweezers!

They feature a locking mechanism on the handles which enables locking to varying degrees, giving you better grip and control when feeding your Reptiles! They are ideal for all species of reptiles and with a huge 18.5″/47.5cm reach you can be sure to keep your fingers safely out of the strike zone!

These tongs are made from the best quality Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Colour can damage by using alcohol/sterilisations/chemicals, simply wash with dish wash/soaps/liquids and rinse well 🙂

Free Sticker set included with every order! (1 Set per order)