Herp Chip Ready Made or Blocks with FREE U.K. Delivery


NEW Herp Chip Blocks and Ready Made, Ready to use Bags now available!!

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The Herp Chip is bigger pieces of chip rather than the mixed size of husk. It is also Fully Dust Extracted and the preparation is even simpler with a choice of the Herp Chip Block and now the ready made Herp Chip bags which requires no preparation as it is ready to use straight away, no more soaking blocks, drying them out etc.

The Herp Chip is a Premium grade 100% organic substrate. It is perfect for Reptiles and Amphibians. It is odour absorbent and hygienic whilst also providing Reptiles with optimum humidity. This is a sustainable product which is ready to use and makes cleaning out much easier!

Herp Chip is available in the following options all with FREE U.K. Delivery via DPD within 48 hours (excluding Weekends and Bank Holidays)

● Herp Chip Ready Made Bag 100 Litres (New Size)

● Herp Chip Ready Made Bag 25 Litres 3 bag bundle

● Herp Chip Ready Made Bag 10 Litres 3 bag bundle

● Herp Chip 4.5kg Block (makes approx 70 Litres) 3 Blocks bundle

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Herp Chip Ready Made 100 Litre Bag, x3 Herp Chip 4.5kg Blocks, x3 Herp Chip Ready Made 10 Litre Bags, x3 Herp Chip Ready Made 25 Litre Bags