Frequently Asked Questions

All of my available Ball Pythons are advertised on my Morphmarket Store, you can visit my store by going to the ?Available? section on my website, this will take you directly to my Morphmarket Store.

Once you have found the Ball Python/s that you are interested in you can message me on either Morphmarket, Social Media, Email or via the website for more information or to make a purchase. Once the purchase has been agreed I will then send you an invoice containing my payment details. This invoice also serves as your proof of genetics. 

You must be 18 to make the purchase. If you are under 18 a parent or guardian would need to contact and make the purchase.

I offer interest free payment plans on any snake with a value greater than 200. Ball Pythons under the value of 200 I ask for a 25% (or 25 whichever value is greater) non refundable deposit, with the remaining balance being paid in full within 4 weeks. Payment plans also require a 25% non refundable deposit to hold the snake. The remaining balance can then be spread over weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. The length of the plan depends on the value of the snake.  You must keep to the payment plan agreement and keep up to the agreed payments. Once the plan has been paid in full I will then book the snake onto the Couriers soonest run or we can arrange collection where this is possible. You can read more about payment plans and what happens if agreed payments are not made in our terms and conditions.

The most common cause of Ball Pythons not eating, in most of the cases I come across, is due to the set ups not being right for a Ball Python, or the temperatures not being correct. You can find lots of useful information on Feeding Ball Pythons in the care sheets section of the website. If after reading the care sheets you are still struggling, please feel free to contact me via the Contact us section explaining the issues you are experiencing, and I will try to offer advice.

Some Ball Pythons, however, can be tricky feeders, this is not usually something you could experience until a Ball Python reaches maturity, at which point they can begin to fast. Ball Pythons can fast from anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months or even longer in some cases. It is important to monitor the weight of your Ball Python during any fasting as they should not lose any significant amount of weight. If you Ball Python has or is losing a lot of weight, I would recommend seeking veterinary advice.