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I have been keeping and or breeding Ball Pythons along with other snakes my entire life! I am extremely lucky in that I was born into the reptile world quite literally, as my parents, D & Jo?s Python?s were breeding and keeping a whole array of species of snakes and other reptiles long before I was born.

As a very young child I was literally surrounded by amazing ball pythons and other reptiles, joining in with caring and loving these animals from as soon as I could walk and talk. I have literally been hooked on this hobby my whole life and my passion and knowledge has only grown as I have grown!

I pride myself on producing quality Royal Pythons, for my own collection, future breeding projects, offering any surplus animals for sale. I am eternally grateful for how this hobby has enriched my life and enjoy sharing this passion with others.

I have been able to meet amazing people through this hobby from 1st time snake keepers purchasing their first baby from me, to established breeders all over the world! I am always happy to talk snakes, answer questions and share my knowledge with others so please feel free to contact me.

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Kelly Marie Apps

Liana King

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The Reptile Report 2017 Readers Choice, Python Personality of the Year

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